Tax Season isn’t the only time to think about taxes. Nearly every business decision you make has a tax consequence, and we believe that working with a tax professional year-round can help you make informed financial decisions.  We look at your entire tax situation—state, multi-state, federal, multi-year—to implement long-term tax-saving strategies and help you take advantage of every incentive. 

  • Tax return preparation

  • IRS and state audit representation

  • Strategic income tax planning for business owners

Tax professionals are useful during tax season, as well as, useful all year round. Tax professionals can answer any of your tax questions or concerns at any time throughout the year. We can help formulate a plan during the year in order to achieve the most favorable tax consequences for the following tax season. Whenever you have an important financial decision to make, and are uncertain about the tax consequences, we will be available to inform you of the potential outcomes.

If you are interested in having Bill prepare your taxes, submit your information on our contact us page.

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